Basiago: Time-travel / Teleportation to Mars

Alleged whistleblower Andrew D. Basiago, a 49 year old Defence Lawyer, claims that he has been to Mars…

He first claimed in 2008 that he had ‘discovered life on Mars’ – evidence of an actual, living zoology on the surface of the red planet – after examining various photographs beamed back to Earth by the Spirit and Opportunity rovers currently exploring the Martian terrain.

I have already extensively dealt with this issue: here, which clearly to my mind proves that he is almost certainly wrong.

Basiago is at this time on an activist’s crusade to have the US government disclose its time-travel and Mars secrets. He recently appeared on the topical TV show Weird or What? describing his experiences for the US military, in which he discussed ‘Project Pegasus‘, a secret US time-travel program that he served in during his childhood as one of America’s first ‘chrononauts.’ He has also featured on talk radio’s Coast-to-Coast, most recently appearing with George Noory on November 11 this year, and the show has been hailed by some as a major “disclosure event”.

Part 1:

He says of his truth campaign:

“Imagine a world in which one could jump through Grand Central Teleport in New York City, travel through a tunnel in the time-space continuum [remember the show The Time Tunnel? - methinks he was a fan], and emerge several seconds later at Union Teleport in Los Angeles. Such a world has been possible since 1967-68, when teleportation was first achieved by DARPA’s Project Pegasus, only to be suppressed ever since as a secret weapon. When my quest, Project Pegasus, succeeds, such a world will emerge, and human beings linked by teleportation around the globe will proclaim that the Time-Space Age has begun.”

Not only has he teleported across the country from one research lab to another by way of this remarkable ‘quantum access’ technology, and travelled through time itself, including to 1863 where he witnessed the actual Gettysburg Address itself, but the technology has been deployed interplanetarily to facilitate a Martian colonization attempt. In 1981, he says, he first stepped foot on the Martian surface.

He is joined in his testimony by William Stillings, 44, and Laura Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Part 2:

Basiago’s experiences with DARPA’s top secret Project Pegasus dates to an initial period between 1969 to 1972, in which he claims first-hand to have witnessed past and future events by way of teleportation and ‘chronovision’ in these the early days of time-space exploration by the US government. The US government apparently already had a fully operational teleportation capability in 1967-68, and by 1969-70 was actively training a variety of child candidates – multi-talented, the best of the best – including himself, to become America’s first generation of “chrononauts” or time-space explorers.

His training reached its conclusion in 1981, when he says, aged 19, he first teleported to Mars, after first being prepared for the trip by CIA officer Courtney M. Hunt. Both trips, Mr. Basiago said, were made via a “jump room” located at a CIA facility in El Segundo, California. The purpose of the trips to Mars was to familiarize him with its conditions because the CIA knew of his destiny pertaining to publicly establishing the fact that Mars is an inhabited planet and deemed it important that he visit Mars and experience it first-hand.

[comment]… This calls for immediate interjection. One wonders, if this is the case, why the CIA have not subsequently come forward to support these claims, and fulfil this destiny? Or, if they knew of his future betrayal of such sensitive defence secrets why they didn’t move, well ahead of time, to shut him up?

In one of the time-probes sent to the future, undertaken by Project Pegasus from a chronovisor device located at ITT Defence Communications in Nutley, NJ, Basiago viewed the US Supreme Court building in Washington DC as it would be in the year 2013. He reported that it was under 100ft of water, engulfed we imagine by some kind of natural disaster.

In contrast to the chronovisor probes, in which a form of virtual time travel was achieved, the teleportation device developed by Project Pegasus allowed for physical teleportation to remote locations, and could be adjusted forward or backward in time of days, weeks, months, or even years. According to Basiago, by 1972, the US government was using ‘quantum displacement’ of this kind to both send people forward in time several years to store sensitive military secrets in the future and backward in time several years to provide the government current intelligence about future events. Accordingly the US government was aware of the 9/11 attacks way back in… 1971 (!)

According to Basiago and his cohorts for four decades Project Pegasus has employed exotic technologies involving time-travel and teleportation and ‘chronovision’ (often using children) to perform “remote sensing in time” of, and physical visitation to, past and future events. For the past 30 years at least, teleportation has also been used to send people from Earth to military and research installations on the surface of Mars.

*   *   *   *   *

How do we begin to actually come to terms with these revelations? Very simply in fact. I say we do not, because they are so absurd that they cannot be true. Remember I am exceedingly rational when I make my hypotheses. I may be a practised sceptic, but see my other articles and learn what I do perceive to be true.

I arrive at a determination from being sceptical, and open-minded at the same time, both ideals marrying harmoniously into a single, tangible and unanimous thread of truth; all drawn from many years of experience and research

If we logically assess the level of technology, and scientific theory currently available today, we cannot possibly envisage that we are anywhere near the brink of achieving the sci-fi concepts of time-travel and teleportation. To say nothing of having done so in the late 1960’s! The only slight alternative would be alien-tech: our Grey friends, once again polluting the military/industrial complex, and thus empowering them further, with technology far in excess of what they (and all of us) are ethically equipped to tamper with at this current time in our development.

That said, I still don’t believe it. Consider also that supposedly thousands upon thousands of people have been involved with this technology, and this program, and many more who possessed knowledge of it (for more than 40 years) who both perpetrated and sustained the cover-up. And just a tiny handful of (collaborating) people come forward, now, all these years later? Consider additionally that Basiago claims he saw and met President Obama himself on Mars. This has to be the clincher. It really is the most cringe-worthy of tabloid headlines, aimed no doubt at discrediting a legitimate and very real subject matter, and all those who follow it. Of course, Basiago goes on to say that Obama wouldn’t remember the experience as ‘they’ have the ability to block memories.

Well there’s your flag going up right there! It stinks of psyops. We have heard of brainwashing / memory manipulation before. He admits himself that they can block memory. So perhaps with telepathic operatives / remote viewers (or perhaps even with technology and a form of neurological science more advanced than we have available today) they are able to plant false memories. The Greys themselves can do this. It is employed during the abduction phenomenon. Did they acquire the ability from them?

Psi-tech of this kind seems more plausible an explanation to me than teleportation/time-travel tech.

I have heard many, many extraordinary claims from the underworld UFO community over the years, and an awful lot fade away into obscurity: because they were fake. Alternative 3 comes to mind, a TV documentary from way back in 1976 (a proven hoax), which described a secret program to establish a base on Mars. But that is the only thing that comes close to this story. For 40 years not a single word of leakage, not a single suggestion/rumour of Project Pegasus.

We must also take into account Basiago’s bold (and baseless) claim that he discovered life on Mars, and not only zoology but indigenous, intelligent (and multiple kinds of) Martian humanoid life-forms in collaboration with the US military.

I believe this is all the culmination of a deliberate Psyops event. It has been fabricated in his own mind for the purposes of Psyops; a new and ugly cloud of Disinformation to spread confusion and to trigger a (distracting) debate amongst the alternative community.

Basiago may well believe what he is saying is true, but it is almost certainly a false memory. There is no evidence that anything he says is true except the crazy photos of ‘strange rocks’ on the Martian surface which he says are animal forms. There is no documentation, no physical evidence, and there are no reputable persons with established credentials who can even vaguely corroborate his story.

I admit there are a number of very intriguing anomalies to be found on Mars, and every reason to believe that, in light of recovered and back-engineered alien technology, secret black op programs have perhaps actually had humans reach Mars, and even set up a base of some kind. But teleportation, time-travel, and the tale of Mars being so Earth-like that one can walk around on the surface without breathing aids, is all fiction.

Until solid proof, or at least very enticing evidence emerges, I say it has to be fiction.

See Mars Anomalies – for more


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